Protection of environment

Fundamental philosophy

recognize harmony with the environment as an issue of paramount importance and will actively demonstrate our ability for preservation and improvement of the environment.

We commit ourselves, based on our fundamental philosophy, to strictly adhere to environmental-consciousness throughout our business activities of designing, developing, manufacturing and distributing our electronic components such as thermistors and varistors.

  1. Maintenance and improvement of an ISO14001-based environmental management system and business activities in harmony with the environment
  2. Discharge of less than the legal limits of environmentally hazardous substances
  3. Full-time monitoring of discharged environmentally hazardous substances
  4. Product designing with resource and energy conservation well taken into account
  5. Development of energy conserving production facilities
  6. Build-up of a scheme which makes progress of continuous environmental improvement efforts visible
  7. Publication of this protection of environment to the public as well as dissemination to every company employee
Ohizumi Mfg. Co., Ltd.
President    Atsushi Murakami
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