Privacy Policy

We, at OHIZUMI MFG. will ensure that we will hold our customers’ personal information in confidence in observance of the following personal information protection policy

1.Definition of personal information

Personal information is defined to be information such as individuals’ names, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses or residential addresses and which can identify a specific individual from one piece or a combination of such data.
The same idea applies to company names in case of business-related information.

2.Use of personal information and its disclosure to third parties

Personal information we acquire will be used within the minimally necessary category, limited to the following purposes.

  • When getting in touch with the customer in response to communication received from it
  • When informing a customer of matters, such as a change of contact addresses, that are likely to be necessary to carry out business
  • When assigning work necessary to carry out a request from a customer to an assignee organization and such work can only be acceptably performed by the assignee subject to provision of personal information

In this case, a prior agreement will be entered into with assignees for non-disclosure of personal information provided to them on a loan basis.

  • Nevertheless, personal information may be disclosed to third parties in the following instances:
  • When disclosure or provision of personal information is required by laws or ordinances
  • When our assistance is required for public institutions to achieve their legally defined duties
  • When needed for protection of the public interest, human lives, human bodies or property but acquisition of consent of the owner of personal information is difficult

3.Safekeeping of personal information

We keep personal information strictly.
All data, however, will be deleted upon receipt of a reasonable and justifying request from the owner of such personal data.

4.Supplementary notes

Changes to personal information-related laws or ordinances may cause our protection policy for this information to also change accordingly.
If this is the case, the contents of this page may be changed as deemed necessary.

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