Business Principle

Contributing to comfortable living and society
through development of technologies for innovative high-quality
thermistors and ceramic semiconductor products

We were originally founded in 1939 to develop low-corrosion alloys for aircraft and to bring electric contact products to market. In 1944, we incorporated as Ohizumi Aircraft Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

In 1952, based on our strong reputation in materials compounding technologies, we received a request from the Research Institute of Telecommunication of the Ministry of Telecommunications and began developing thermistors. In 1955, we began producing thermistors for telephone switchboards.

We have continued to build on our history of development and manufacturing over more than eight decades since our founding, and have grown into a leading company in thermistor temperature sensors.

We are grateful for the support of our customers, shareholders, and all other stakeholders, without whom none of this would have been possible.

In recent years, thermistor temperature-sensing technologies have entered widespread use across various industries in the fields of temperature management and control in a broad range of devices used by many people as solutions to challenges in energy conservation, carbon neutrality, the global environment, and other social issues. Demand for products using temperature-sensing technologies is also growing in China, India, and other emerging nations, leading to expanding thermistor demand worldwide.

We see this time of change as a time of Business chance. We will continue to take on the challenge of growth, leveraging the advantages of our products, based on the technological and quality foundations established to date, as well as our strong relationships of mutual trust with customers in key markets for growth areas such as automobiles, air conditioning, and telecommunications.

In conjunction with the Ferrotec Group and alongside diversified people of OHIZUMI Group, we will take on the challenges of new issues and new technologies with a sense of speeding, seeking to contribute to society by delivering new value to an even broader range of customers.

Atsushi Murakami

President and CEO
Company policy:

Ohizumi has taken on the challenge of developing cutting-edge technologies to satisfy market's needs by facing customers' issues in a sincere manner. We will continue to enhance customers' reliability and contribute to social development and preservation of the global environment by providing the best solutions in the field of thermistor temperature sensors.

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