1. Use of IR information

The IR information on this website is made available for the purpose of providing financial information and management indicators, etc. for OHIZUMI MFG. CO., LTD. (Hereinafter, the “Company”), but no representation or warranty whatsoever is provided with regard to the content.
Moreover, the information on this website is not provided for the purpose of inducement to invest. When making actual investments, we recommend that investment decisions do not depend solely on the information made available on this website, and that decisions regarding investments are arrived at using the personal judgment of the investor.

2.Information provided

While great care is taken in relation to the provision of information on this website, the Company accepts no liability for any reason whatsoever for damage arising in the event of errors in the information provided, falsification of data by third parties, or the downloading of data, etc.

3.Forward-looking statements

Some of the information disclosed on this website may include statements that refer to future performance. These statements do not constitute a warranty of future performance, and incorporate risks and uncertainties. It should be kept in mind that, due to changes in the environment, etc., future performance may differ from actual results.

4.Operation of this website

The operation of this website may be suspended or discontinued, and the content changed, without prior notice.
In addition, depending on the communication environment, the configuration of the user’s computer, and other factors, it may not be possible to use this website normally. Be aware that the Company accepts no liability for any trouble, loss or damages arising in such an eventuality.

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