OHIZUMI MFG.’s thermistors, varistors and thermistor temperature sensors are playing an active role
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TThermistors/NSS series

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TThermistors / NSS seriesTThermistors / NSS series
  • Highly accurate (±1% tolerance on both resistance and B constant)
  • High temperature operative (-40℃~+150℃ operating temp. range)
  • RoHS Directive compliant
  • Excellent solderability due to the use of five-face electrode Sn plating
  • High level reliability due to the use of four-face glass coating
  • TCXO circuits, LCD contrast adjusting circuits, secondary-battery over-charging protection circuits, CPU temperature monitoring circuits, optical pick-up circuits, HDD circuits, auto-focusing circuits, etc.
  • Size: 1005 / 1608
  • Resistance: 1KΩ - 330KΩ(E-6 series)


Type Dimension(mm)
L W t C
NSS 3 1.6±0.2 0.8±0.1 0.8±0.1 0.3±0.1
NSS 4 1.0±0.2 0.5±0.1 0.5±0.1 0.25±0.1


Part No. Resistance Tolerance of resisitance B-constant Tolance of B-constant Maximum rated wattage Operating temp. range
(at 25 ℃) (at 25 ℃) (B25/85)
NSS3 103F34F 10KΩ ± 1 % 3435K ± 1 % 30mW -40℃〜+150℃
NSS3 223F33F 22KΩ 3300K
NSS3 473F35F 47KΩ 3500K
NSS3 104F40F 100KΩ 3980K
NSS4 103F34F 10KΩ ± 1 % 3435K ± 1 % 24mW -40℃〜+150℃
NSS4 103F39F 10KΩ 3890K
NSS4 104F40F 100KΩ 3990K

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