OHIZUMI MFG.’s thermistors, varistors and thermistor temperature sensors are playing an active role
in comprehensive fields of automotive, household appliances and industrial equipment


Thermistors/NGH series

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Thermistors / NGH seriesThermistors / NGH series
  • This is the first glass coated thermistor which comply with RoHS/ELV in the world.
  • Possible to use up to 400 deg.C radial lead type Thermistor element.
  • Ohizumi developed the new pellet which stability is very good at high temperature.
  • The lead wire is made with Fe/Cr alloy. It is not easy to oxidize in the atmosphere of the high temperature,and easy to connect to stainless steel or othr refractory alloy with the welding method.
  • The melting point of glass is very high. Then the isolation at high temperature is good.
  • Sensor for temperature control and measure upto 400 deg.c
  • All apprication which is requested RoHS and ELV and etc. by the customers.

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